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Renaissance and Gothic Attire
Greetings friends and fellow travelers. Welcome to Behind The Times. This is our first catalogue, and we certainly hope you enjoy what you see.

In shopping at many Renaissance Faires, and Specialty Clothing shops, we realized one thing......indulging your fantasies is WAY too expensive for the quality offered. As well, how many times have you been told "Sorry, we don't have that color.", or, "If you want that style, you have to wait until the summer line comes out."? Too many, we'll bet.

Here we offer different styles ALL year 'round, in your choice of colors, your sizes, and your own customizing. Currently we can offer delivery in 6 to 8 weeks, not bad for CUSTOM clothing.

We'll be honest, we are NOT a ready-to-wear store. Everything is ordered by you, and made for you. What you'll see is a selection of some of the most popular designs we've found. After the basics, it's up to you. You want satin, instead of cotton, no problem. You want trimming and piping, no problem. All we ask is that you realize one thing: We do have certain constraints.

First, during Faire season (usually from May until September) delivery may take longer, simply because of the volume of orders. Second, the more exotic the request, the longer the time to make it. Third, since we don't make the fabric, we are dependent on the market. Certain fabrics simply do not come in certain colors, and certain fabrics are made only in certain seasons (like corduroy, which is only made in winter). However, our order forms will list your top three choices of colors, and if your first choice cannot be found, we will call you first before we start anything. Finally, we'll say up front, we CANNOT do leather work........yet (have to buy a better sewing machine). When we do offer it, we'll let you know.

All that being said, now for some good news. First, we can customize certain items to fit your style. Second, we guarantee ALL work for one year, provided it is taken care of. Don't cut it open at fencing practice and tell us "it just ripped". Finally, we also offer the "Kindred Spirits" program. Simply have a friend sign our voucher and order something, sign it yourself, send it in with your next order, and we'll take 10% off your order!! Anyway, with all that out of the way, enter into our humble abode, be free, and by all means.....


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Renaissance Clothing
Our full line of Renaissance court and common garb will make you the talk of the faire

Gothic Clothing
For your darker side -- a wide selection of Gothic-inspired apparell

Kindred Spirits
Find out how to get 10% off your order!

A Member of The League of Renaissance Merchants
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