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Gothic Attire
Ruffled Shirts:
THE item for men.  Available in three styles.  The “Baron” style, button down with mandarin collar and a gathering of ruffles at the neck.  The “Vampyre” style, like the Collar but the ruffles follow each side of the button line.  The “Marquis” 
style, lace up neck like our Renaissance Wear Shirt, but the ruffles follow a lace up  V-neck on either side, then converge to a single line at the point and con-
tinue down the front to the waist.  VERY dark.  Available in cotton or satin.
Baron, Cotton:  GRSBC $40
Baron, Satin:  GRSBS $60
Vampyre, Cotton:  GRSVC  $60
Vampyre, Satin:  GRSVS $80
Marquis, Cotton:  GRSMC  $75
Marquis, Satin:  GRSMS  $95
Slip Dresses:
Goth standard for ladies.  Spaghetti straps with a floor length or “baby doll” length skirt.  Gabardine, rayon, satin, or velveteen..  Able to be customized. 
*Note* Customizing affects actual price. 
*For “baby doll” length subtract      $20
Gabardine, Floor Length:  GSDGF  Min. $75
Gabardine, Baby Doll:  GSDGB  Min. $55
Rayon, Floor Length:  GSDRF Min.  $85
Rayon, Baby Doll:  GSDRB Min.  $65
Satin, Floor Length:  GSDSF Min.  $100
Satin, Baby Doll:  GSDSB Min.  $80
Velveteen, Floor Length:  GSDVF Min.  $120
Velveteen, Baby Doll:  GSDVB Min.  $100
Items Not Pictured
Unisex.  High neck, slightly longer than waist length, five button vests.  Available in cotton, satin, brocade or velveteen.  Able to be customized.
*Note* Customizing affects actual price. 
Cotton Min. $30
Satin Min. $45
Brocade Min. $60
Velveteen Min. $80 
Unisex outerwear.  Ankle length with a coordinated 
rope tie closure.  Hooded.  Linen or velveteen lined 
with cotton.  Able to be customized.  *Note* Custom-
izing affects actual price.
Linen  Min. $75
 Velveteen Min.  $150
Like our capes but waist length.  Also closes with a 
frog closure.  Linen or velveteen lined with cotton. 
Able to be customized.  *Note* Customizing affects
actual price.
Linen  Min. $50
Velveteen  Min. $80
Button down with mandarin or point collars, with
whatever buttons we find for the right attitude. 
Gauze, velveteen, or lame. 
Gauze $50
Velveteen $75
Lame $85
Sleeved Bodices:
Like our Renaissance Bodices with sleeves and lace trim on the cuffs.  Fantasy inspiring with a touch of mystery.  Gabardine, brocade, or velveteen.  Able to be customized. 
*Note* Customizing affects actual price.
Garbardine  Min.  $50
Brocade  Min.  $65
Velveteen  Min.  $80
Straight Skirts:
Excellent for layering with “baby doll” slip dress. 
Ankle length skirt with elastic waist.  Gabardine, 
rayon, satin, or velveteen. 
Garbardine  $50
Rayon  $65
Satin $75
Velveteen  $90
A-Line Dresses:
Long flowing sleeves, with an empire waistline and a floor length skirt that widens as it lengthens.  Think formal Vampyre ball.  Linen, satin, or velveteen.  Able to be customized. 
*Note* Customizing affects actual price.
Linen  Min.  $75 
Satin  Min.  $100
Velveteen  Min.  $150