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Well, here it is-the Kindred Spirits Program.  Businesses like this depend on people like you.  If you like what we did for you, then tell someone so they can have some fun too.  All you have to do is meet a few requirements:

1. You have to be one of our customers.  In other words, you have to have ordered from us already.  Donít worry, we keep good records, weíll know if you have.
2. Your friend must sign this voucher and order something and send the voucher in.
3. After they order, weíll send you a certificate acknowledging your friendís order.
4. Send that certificate in with your next order, and receive 10% off the TOTAL cost of your order (shipping and handling not included).

THATíS IT!!  Pretty easy?  And you can do this as MANY times as you like, BUT only ONE 10% off certificate can be used PER ORDER.  No combining certificates.  Well, hereís the voucher, and......



Kindred Spirits Voucher

Your Name:  Friendís Name:
Your Address: Friendís Address:
Your Phone #:  Friendís Phone #
Your Email: Friendís Email:
Your Signature Friendís Signature