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Order Form

O.K., here it is. The order form. Below you will find spaces for name, address, phone number, email address (if applicable), measurements, item, and style. Please fill them out, and mail it on in. Again remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. As far as the fun stuff, we have a few items. As far as customizing, you'll find that here broken down by item. If there's anything you want, call us and we'll tell you if we can do it. Also, you'll find a section to list your measurements. PLEASE be accurate, if it doesn't fit based on the measurements YOU gave us, it's not our fault. Finally, payment. We accept cash or checks and money orders made out to Scarlet Knight Industries (the company that OWNS Behind The Times), NO CREDIT CARDS!!! If mailing is necessary for delivery, YOU will pay the shipping and handling. Other than that 50% is due at the time of order, and 50% on delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS! The first 50% buys your materials, and the remainder is due within TWO WEEKS after the garment is finished. Anything not paid for will be resold. All our items come with a ONE year warranty. Basically if it falls apart due to NORMAL use (i.e. not fencing, combat, rough housing, being left in the rain, etc.) we will fix it free. Finally, we accept phone, U.S. mail, or email orders.

76 Emerson St.
Clifton, N.J. 07013
Phone 973-684-4236


Renaissance Wear
  • Trim on the skirt hem
  • Trim on the cuffs, piping, etc.


  • With or without peplum
  • With or without slashed sleeves
  • With or without trim on the cuffs and neck
  • With or without trim on the peplum line (line between peplum top and main body)
  • With or without piping on lower edge (bottom) of the peplum

    Cloaks and Caplets:

  • Different color lining than the main body
  • Trim on the hemline
  • Bells on the point of the hood


  • Trim/piping on cuffs
  • Bells on point of hood.

    Gothic Wear

  • Trim or piping on edges
  • Watch Pockets

    Sleeved Bodices

  • Lace trim on bust line
  • Lace trim on neckline
  • Piping on bottom hem

    Capes and Caplets:
    See Rennaissance Wear, Cloaks and Caplets

    Slip and A-Line Dresses:

  • Trim or piping on skirt hem or bust line
  • Trim on cuffs (A-Line only)

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