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Items Not Yet Pictured

Same as our cloaks but waist length. Used by 
lords. Able to be customized. *Note* Custom- 
izing affects actual price. 
Min. $40(1)
Min. $60(m)
Min. $75 (h)
Slightly longer than hip length tunic, sleeveless, 
and laced up the front. Usually worn by archers. 
Cotton, wool, or corduroy. 
$45 cotton
$55 wool
$65 corduroy
Hooded Wizard's robes available in cotton, linen, or velvet- 
een. Able to be customized. *Note* Customizing 
affects actual price. 
Min. $60 (c)
Min. $80(1)
Min. $150(v)
Knee length medieval pants.  Cotton, Wool, or Velveteen. 
$25 cotton
$40 wool
$60 velveteen
The medieval carry all. Felt or brocade in three 
sizes. Small (holds wallet, keys, watch, and one 
other item), medium (all of above and maybe a pack of cigarettes), and large (plenty 'o room).  Closes with a drawstring.
$6 small (f)
$8 medium (f)
$10 large (f)
$8 small (b)
$10 med. (b)
$12 large (b)
Basic Shift:
Woman's Medieval-style nightgown with a high  neck and draping sleeves.
Floor length. Cotton or linen.
$45 cotton
$60 linen
DEFINITE  wench  wear.   Made like a short vest laced up the front with boning to enhance and push up the bust.  Gabardine, wool, or brocade.
 $35 gabardine
$45 wool
$55 brocade
Heavy wool.  Triangular shape.  Worn over the shoulders.
Medieval style. Available in waist or hip length.  Brocades. 
$40 waist
$50 hip
Essentially  a  long,  sewn  up  vest  with sleeves. Available in hip or knee length.  Cotton, wool, or brocade. 
$35 cotton
$50 wool
 $60 brocade
*For knee length add $15*